• Stridsberg MCA104N

MCA104M and MCA104N are active multicouplers designed to distribute HF antenna signals to four receivers without loss and with high isolation between ports. It is specifically suited for signal intercept and HF monitoring stations, both fixed or mobile platforms. It can be used in any HF monitoring post using receivers, scanners or spectrum analyzers.

MCA104M/MCA104N has a mechanical and electrical design construction that will meet any government, military or commercial specification. This unit is designed to give high performance results in any radio monitoring post using multiple intercept receivers. Rugged die-cast aluminum enclosure with a black powder coat finish is standard, olive drab green (MIl-841OD) is also available on request.

  • Frequency Range:  500 kHz to 50 MHz.  4-Ports
  • Nominal Impedance:  50 ohm
  • Port-To-Port isolation (min):  22 dB
  • Return Loss (all ports):  > 20 dB
  • P1dB = 17 dBm (output)    3OIP = 32 dBm (output
  • Coupler Gain/Loss: +2 dB to -1 dB (max) over frequency range
  • RF Connectors:  BNC (standard)
  • Mechanical:  4.375 X 2.375 X 1.250 inches (L.W.H)
  • Case: Die cast Aluminum, Black powder coating (standard)

The fundamental application of the receiver multicoupler is to enable multiple radio receivers, spectrum analyzers or scanners, to share a common antenna system. The advantage of using a multicoupler in signal monitoring applications were several receivers are used (such as in SIGINT/COMINT), is in the port-to-port isolation of the coupler.

Isolation will reduce the possibility of RF interaction between receivers caused by local oscillators, synthesizers, etc. If an external pre-amplifier, receive filter or lightning protection device is used, only one is needed to service several receivers.

Both Passive and Active broad-band models as well as narrow-band specialty couplers are manufactured with premier components to meet a multitude of VLF to UHF monitoring applications. Standard port configurations from 2 up to 16 are available. These units are designed to meet most government, military and commercial radio monitoring demands. Active models include broad-band low-noise amplifiers, front-end protection, and, depending on model, input High-Pass or Low-Pass

Stridsberg MCA104N

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